Together with our Food for Thought partners, we have transformed the lives of some of the world’s poorest and most deprived communities.

By providing training, education, tools, and infrastructure, as well as seeds, Caesars Entertainment have brought sources of food, shelter, and income to communities in the developing world, freeing them from the constraints of short-term food aid.

Food For Thought - Green Earth Appeal

The World in Crisis

The developing world faces two seemingly insurmountable challenges:

  • Bringing an end to the devastating cycles of food crisis
  • Providing employment opportunities for millions of young people


Our Approach

We provide everything a community needs to sustain itself: training, education, tools, and infrastructure as well as seeds.

In this way we free people from having to rely on food aid because they now have their own renewable sources of food, shelter, and income.

Trees are planted in these agroforestry systems that provide fodder, wood, fuels, fruits, nuts, resins, gums, medicines, and other goods that have a high market value.

Each tree planted is an opportunity to change someone’s life.

Food For Thought - Green Earth Appeal
Food For Thought - Green Earth Appeal

Lives Changed

Income from our agroforestry projects has enabled our participating communities to develop local infrastructure such as wells, piped water, store houses, roads, and bridges.

It has created the ability to purchase livestock, to clothe children and send them to school, and to pay for much needed medical treatment.

Children are taught about responsible land use and how to carry out sustainable farming techniques.

Co-operatives are established within each community to ensure an equal share of all benefits and all responsibilities.